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So come jump on in! We're ready to see who finds true love. Please don't take offense to the way people are let go from the show. Everything is purely generated at random!

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The Bachelor Season 25, Episode 8: Who will head to Bachelor in Paradise?

Who could potentially be heading to Bachelor in Paradise from this week’s episode of The Bachelor? Week eight of The Bachelor Season 25 is over, which gave us the ever so important hometown dates. Four women started this week off, all getting their chance at one-on-one time with Matt James along with introducing him to […]

The Bachelor Season 25, Episode 8: 3 most cringe-worthy moments

Shortly after its inception, the Bachelor franchise became synonymous with the word drama.  If you are an avid watcher of The Bachelor Season 25, you think you’ve seen the most drama of recent seasons and perhaps you are right. However, are we starting to confuse the terms drama and controversy? I like to think of drama […]

Calling all Bachelor Nation Fans!

Take you Bachelor obsession to the next level! Choose your desired season or customize your contestants below. Who will make it to hometowns? Who will get the final rose?? Find out now and discover your desired ending to the show! There are hundreds of different ways the drama can unfold, which one is the perfect ending? The reality or the simulated one? Explore the inside drama of the Bachelor mansion and become more of an insider than Chris Harrison!